Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the very thought of you

If there ever was a person perfectly suited to a name it was Joy. And I'm not talking soft-breezes and rippling-brooks kind of joy. Oh, no. I mean the rip-roarin', grab-life-by-the-horns, in-your-face, baby-can-you-dig-it kind of joy.

Funny thing is I never met Joy. But everybody who I've ever heard talk about her erupts into laughter at the very mention of her name. She was just that kind of person.

Joy was one of my husband's friends from work. Sadly, she died tragically in an automobile accident on the way home from Spring Break one Easter. Everybody was stunned. She left a lot of broken hearts. Mine included.

How can you miss a woman you never met? She's my soul sista, my homegirl, my BFF.

Everybody was Joy's best friend. If she just met a body five minutes prior, she became engrossed in that person, and she'd proclaim her undying love and dub the new person her best friend. And she meant it. For that instant in time, that new contact was her best friend. Eeeew, doggie! You better believe it.

Joy's motto which she frequently touted was: "Work hard. Play hard. Pray hard." That was Joy. In a nutshell.

Lately I've been channeling Joy. Yes, I know you can't really do that, but you know what I mean. There are lots of incredible, charming, wonderful people in my life, and I like them to feel special. If Joy was anything, she was an encourager. It is an important thing to be.

I look forward to meeting Joy. Oh, and I will some day. She's having a blast in heaven right now, no doubt. I can't wait to join the party already in progress. 'Cause whenever Joy is around, there is a party. You can be sure of that.

link: beaker from the muppets (my apologies to beethoven), down in my heart, nat king cole