Thursday, August 13, 2009

culturally motivated

I cleaned out the fridge. This is always a monumental occasion. I do this every so often just to see what we've cultivated. We eat a lot of produce, so you never know what you'll find lurking in there.

What I found would have made any science professor in the tri-state area mist with pride.

It is fun to let airtight containers sit ignored over time, long, looooong periods of time just to see what you're going to get. They are shoved back to the wall left to seethe and ferment in their own little happy, self-contained environment.

This particular specimen came from a tub of what your taste buds would likely call yoghurt. (Notice the British English spelling. Also notice the word "hurt" hidden in there. They're not kidding.) We're not big on American yogurt. It is too sweet and candy tasting. Unadulterated yoghurt is devoid of sugar and tastes more like sour cream on a bad day.

Now this yoghurt we'd tried and instantly disliked because it was too foul tasting. (Go figure.) So into the abyss of the fridge it went to be ignored until the proper time of its unveiling. Yesterday was apparently the day.

I can't tell you much about what I saw because I was afraid of it actually. I didn't want to look. It was however the most impressive collection of mold I've ever laid eyes on albeit briefly. And I'm sure a chemistry teacher somewhere probably fainted when I boldly thinking nothing of my own welfare picked up the top skin and threw it in the trash. And, yes, it came off intact in one big pinch.

Hoorah. I am brave.

Oh man, I hope the trash man was alright after he hoisted it into the back of his truck. It could have escaped the bag and gone after him in search of a new host to devour. Maybe I should call the company to make sure he's OK.

link: young frankenstein