Saturday, September 12, 2009

goodwill hunting

The other day, I found the most wonderful things at Goodwill. My visit started and ended with a bang. Just inside the door on one of the sought-after gray carts was a three-dollar bowling ball and bag. Any fool knows that's a great deal. Even if you do have to change your name to Josh.

Nestled on another cart was this shapely corked bottle. Then as I was darting past the clothes racks, this billowy blouse practically jumped out at me and begged me to take it home. How could I resist?

But then, then the most amazing thing happened. On my way to the furniture section, what to my wondering eyes did appear but my beloved of all Hannahs along with her best pal Esther. A two-fer-one. Talk about your major bargains. Remember when I told you I had a week that ended with a fulfilling surprise? This was it.

You gotta know Hannah. She moved out of state. Finding her here anywhere is like finding a diamond in the rough. Then again, you gotta know Hannah. Of course, she'd be at the Goodwill. That's where all the great stuff is. Amen?

What a great time we had. Hannah and Esther, they're beautiful dames with a ready wit. We had the place rocking with laughter. All abuzz with excitement. You'd have thought it was 50% Off Day or something. I laughed until I ached and almost cried.

And do you know something else that is beguiling about those two little lovelies? Look closely, you won't want to miss this. They both have those eyes. Those breath-taking, promise-breaking eyes. And there they were. Two powerful sets of them. Both belonging to women I hold dear. I was powerless under their spell.

It is a good thing I went there alone because upon that sight, all responsibility just flew out the window. But wait. No, I wasn't there alone. My children were there with me only I barely have recollection of that now. Yes, that's right. I remember it distinctly. My youngest was pumped because he had just secured a three-dollar bowling ball. There, there, Josh. You have fun with that. Mama's just a little dimwitted now. Can you blame her? Have you seen those eyes?

link: the eyes have it