Wednesday, September 9, 2009

incorrigible angst

Words are incredibly delicious, are they not? Here is a short list of words I find particularly appealing and why. Short because I'm sleepy. Appealing because I'm silly.

angst: Best enjoyed when watching somebody else say it as it starts with a brief snarl. GRRR!
bombastic: If that's not fun to say, what is?
ilk: Not much great about this word since it makes you feel like you need to hawk a loogie.
incorrigible: Makes stubborn sound classy.
melancholy: It doesn't sound at all like what it means. The word itself conjures thoughts of warm breezes o'er a blooming meadow. Nothing of this dreadful sorry kind of thing.
pithy: It'd be better if it didn't thound tho thithy.
quaff: Snoopy gets almost all the credit on this one.
serendipity: The faster you say it, the sillier it gets. Actually for the full effect, you have to draw out the first two syllables and quickstep the last three.

That's my short list. Whatcha got in yours?